Cheers - Season 9 Episode 17

The regulars of the Boston bar Cheers share their experiences and lives with each other while drinking or working at the bar where everybody knows your name.

Episode:17/273 eps

Duration:22 min




Season 1 - Cheers
"Bride-to-be Diane Chambers becomes the center of attention at a cozy bar called Cheers."
"Diane's teasing about his airhead women sends Sam looking for a date of a higher cerebral plane and an old customer insists he must see the former owner to discuss his personal problems."
"Carla's fiery temper almost costs Sam the bar when she attacks an obnoxious Yankees fan."
"Sam realizes how much he misses his former sports celebrity status when a local newscaster asks to interview him again."
"Coach's daughter brings the obnoxious lout she plans to marry to meet her father."
"Diane becomes upset when Sam hits on an old friend of hers who's on the rebound from an unhappy love affair."
"Norm tries to make points with the boss by planning the annual office party at Cheers and arranging for Diane to be the old man's \"date\"."
"Diane and Carla decide to bury the hatchet over after work drinks, which lead to a startling confession from Carla about her youngest child."
"Coach and Sam become unlikely romantic rivals for Coach's new neighbor."
"Rick Walker, a friend of Sam, seeks his advice on how to end a losing streak."
"While Diane keeps notes on bar conversation, a novice comes in for one final fling before entering a monastery and a World War I doughboy shows up for a very small reunion."
"The bar patrons are all enthralled by the mysterious gentleman who claims to be a secret agent."
"Sam lets the sexy appeal of an agent and the glamour of the public spotlight lure him into being a TV pitchman."
"Diane looks to her friends for comfort when her cat dies, but finds everyone too enthralled by a Celtics game to notice."
"Carla has a secret that's about to be revealed:she's five months pregnant."
"Cheers' regulars fear the place may become a gay hangout after an old friend of Sam's reveals his homosexuality on TV."
"Sam and Diane dare each other to find the other's perfect date, but Sam's last minute choice doesn't quite measure up."
"Sam enters Diane in the \"Miss Boston Barmaid\" contest without telling her."
"Sam enlists Harry the conman to help fleece a card shark who cheated Coach out of a lot of money."
"Diane's mother turns up at Cheers with the news that Diane must marry before the next day or her mother will lose her share of Diane's father's estate."
"Diane's fascination with Sam's older brother brings their long simmering relationship to a boil when the sibling asks Diane to go to Paris with him."
"Diane's fascination with Sam's older brother brings their long simmering relationship to a boil when the sibling asks Diane to go to Paris with him."
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Season 2 - Cheers
"The regular gang finds Sam and Diane's romance hard to believe, a view apparently shared by Diane, who throws Sam out of her apartment after only five minutes."
"Carla goes on a maternity leave and is replaced by her supposedly shy and innocent sister."
"Diane, angry at the implication that she couldn't hold a job anywhere but Cheers, leaves for better position and Norm leaves Vera."
"Andy, the ex-con Sam arranged as a blind date for Diane, returns to Cheers to show off his acting ability."
"Diane's intellectual former fiance returns to reclaim her and puts Sam into an anxiety attack when he tries to measure up by reading Tolstoy."
"Carla rejects a man interested in her romantically, convinced that he must have some \"\"fatal flaw\"\" to find her attractive."
"Sam's old buddy Dave Richards bets Sam he can break up his romance with Diane within 24 hours and it looks like a sure thing when Diane learns he still has his little black book."
"Coach becomes a slave driver when he's put in charge of Little League team."
"Sam and Diane go to work after Dick Cavett suggests that Sam's autobiography might sell and Norm confronts an old flame of Vera's who's interested in her again."
"Sam casually tells Diane he loves her and sends her deep into an introspective analysis of their relationship."
"Diane is at first incredulous then furious when it becomes apparent that Sam and her old school chum find each other very attractive."
"Sam lets a dying man tend bar just for fun, but the man leaves the bar patrons $100,000 in a paper napkin will."
"Not wanting to appear lonely and dateless whilst going to her ex-husband Nick's wedding ceremony to blonde bimbo Loretta, Carla asks Sam to accompany her."
"Sam regrets asking Norm to do his taxes when the out of work accountant comes up with a five figure refund."
"Sam and Diane want to spend some time alone together, but the lonely Coach keeps joining them, not realising he is spoiling things for them. Rather than hurt his feelings by asking him not to bother them, Sam and Diane decide to set him up with a woman so they will be left in piece."
"Cliff's know-it-all attitude finally gets him into a fight with another patron."
"Coach is conned into buying an old scale which also prints out fortunes, and the Cheers gang each see their fortunes - except for Diane, who thinks it is all a load of rubbish. Meanwhile, Norm and Vera make progress in their relationship."
"Sam lies to Diane about the weekend he has planned chasing snow bunnies in Vermont."
"An old friend of Coach has died and Coach decides to hold a memorial to him in the bar, inviting all their old friends. But then Coach discovers his late friend made a pass at his late wife."
"The regulars push Norm into pursuing an attractive new client who seems to be interested in him."
"Sam commissions a portrait of Diane from an artist so obnoxious that he soon forbids Diane to continue posing for him, an order Diane won't accept."
"Sam commissions a portrait of Diane from an artist so obnoxious that he soon forbids Diane to continue posing for him, an order Diane won't accept."
Season 3 - Cheers
"Coach asks Diane to return to Cheers from her self-imposed \"\"vacation\"\" to help Sam, who has fallen off the wagon."
"Coach asks Diane to return to Cheers from her self-imposed \"\"vacation\"\" to help Sam, who has fallen off the wagon."
"Frasier asks Sam for some advice about his more intimate relationship with Diane and Cliff hides out from a vengeful fellow postal employee."
"Cliff meets a woman during a costume party at Cheers that he likes very much, but he's afraid to see her again as himself."
"Sam makes up an elaborate story to explain how he got shot in the rear end, not wanting to tell everyone the real reason - he was shot at by a jealous husband."
"Coach falls in love with a woman who dumps him after she wins a big lottery while Sam strikes out with her daughter."
"Coach falls in love with a woman who dumps him after she wins a big lottery while Sam strikes out with her daughter."
"Diane meets Frasier's mother, who quietly threatens to kill Diane if she doesn't leave Frasier alone."
"Nick returns and demands of Carla a more equitable division of their marital property: namely him getting custody of one of their kids, a demand to which Carla agrees."
"Diane suffers a mysterious allergic reaction after moving in with Frasier."
"Norm becomes aware of his own mortality and decides to throw it all in and take off for Bora Bora."
"Sam meets one of Diane's intense friends, who has her parents over to meet Sam, their future son-in-law, hours after their first date."
"Frasier is devastated when he learns that his learned mentor has been dating Carla, who also has a little surprise of her own."
"The guys take Frasier on a \"\"snipe\"\" hunt in the woods after Diane asks them to include the psychologist in their masculine pursuits."
"Sam returns to the mound for a charity softball game against Playboy bunnies, but his competitive spirit ruins the day when he strikes them all out."
"Sam and the Coach are taking the same night school course in geography, but while Coach studies, Sam dates the teacher."
"Norm gets arrested when he finishes the route for an ill Cliff, but Cliff refuses to back up Norm's explanation to the authorities."
"Sam stands to lose the bar to an old friend because of a bet that he would marry Jacqueline Bissett before a certain date."
"Sam faces the ultimate challenge to his skills as a male animal; a lady reporter who has been investigating the Boston singles scene and has heard every line in the book."
"After his second wife Loretta kicks him out, Carla's ex-husband Nick Tortelli comes to Cheers asking Carla to take him back."
"Norm is promoted to company hatchet man because of his unique style for letting people go."
"Diane announces that she's leaving Cheers to accompany Frasier to Italy and Sam throws her a going-away party."
"Carla insists that Sam should hire an older woman to replace Diane but she doesn't reckon on Sam's attraction to the woman's daughter."
"Carla calls together her former classmates from St. Clete's School for Wayward Girls to plot revenge on their former sadistic principal whom she spots drinking at Cheers."
"Frasier proposes to Diane while they're in Italy and she makes an emergency call to Sam, hoping he'll talk her out of it."
Season 4 - Cheers
"After the sad passing away of Coach, Sam hires a new bartender in Woody Boyd, Coach's pen pal who has moved to Boston. Frasier arrives back from Europe with the news that Diane left him at the altar for six months of decadent living across Europe and is now seeking renewal in a Boston monastery."
"The gang brings Woody's old girl friend to Boston to visit him and Frasier, still not yet confident about returning to psychiatry, decides to pay his bar bill by working as a janitor."
"Diane fantasizes over an expensive coat left behind by a patron and agrees to go out with whoever claims it."
"Carla asks Sam to tell her teenage son about the joys of bachelorhood and to discourage his urge to get married."
"Diane spends a dark and stormy night worrying that Andy Schroeder has escaped and is out to kill her."
"Sam has a weak moment and lends Diane $500 to buy a book reputedly signed by Ernest Hemingway."
"Sam and the gang make up an answer to Carla's ad in the personal column to lift her spirits."
"Norm fears Vera may be having an affair with his neighbor and Sam wastes his time as a radio sports commentator apologizing to Diane."
"Sam has to convince Woody to help Cheers win a bowling match with Gary's Old Towne Tavern at a rival bar."
"Cliff refuses to identify himself to his estranged father when the man comes to Cheers with an important message for his son."
"Sam is happy to be the subject of Diane's psychology term paper until he learns just exactly what the Don Juan syndrome is."
"Sam thinks he's doing Woody a favor by not placing a bet for the young man, but the long shot comes in and Sam has to pay off."
"Sam's ego is crushed when no one bids on his old baseball jersey during a public television auction."
"Diane arranges for a stranger to come into Cheers as part of an experiment in paranoid behavior, but then she provides an even better example as she waits for the gang to get back at her."
"Diane and Sam try to rebuild Frasier's shattered ego when he starts drinking too much."
"Cliff has two dates for the postman's ball-with Carla and Diane."
"Frasier has been out on a date with a fellow psychiatrist, Dr Lilith Sternin, but things didn't go too well. Frasier feels depressed, so feeling sorry for him, Sam arranges a date between Frasier and a woman he knows named Candy. But Sam and Diane get a surprise when Frasier proposes to Candy after just one date."
"Norm gets some dirt on his main competitor for a promotion but hesitates to use it."
"After trying (and failing) to hit on a pretty female customer, Sam feels like he is over the hill and challenges Woody to a racquetball game. Unfortunately Sam ends up hurting himself and has to take a trip to the hospital."
"Carla asks Sam to partner her in a dance contest where their main competition is Nick and Loretta."
"A flying daredevil that Diane barnstormed with across Europe takes her and Sam for a ride and dies at 20,000 feet up."
"Diane feels depressed and left out of the gang's activities so Frasier organizes a day just for her-at the opera."
"Woody fears for his job when Sam hires a second bartender."
"Local councilwoman Janet Eldridge comes to Cheers as part of her re-election campaign, and Sam finds hismelf smitten with her. Janet and Sam become a couple, but a jealous Diane joins the opposition campaign fearing that if Janet wins the election, she will win Sam's heart as well. Meanwhile Frasier also joins the opposition campaign hoping to win Diane back."
"Sam and Janet's relationship is getting stronger and stronger whilst Diane gets more jealous. Janet suggests that Sam fire iane to sever all ties with his past, but Diane overhears and quits before he can fire her. Vera's sister Donna is visiting the Petersons and Norm is worried that Donna will flirt with him like she did on her last visit."
"Janet has won the election and is hosting her press conference at Cheers. Diane turns up to apologize to Sam but ends up asking Janet some personal questions which causes Sam to throw her out of the bar. Later Sam and Janet talk and realize their relationship won't work, so break it off. Sam then picks up the telephone, rings someone and then asks them to marry him..... Meanwhile Vera has been called away, so Donna is left alone with Norm, much to his horror."
Season 5 - Cheers
"We finally found out who Sam's telephone proposal at the end of the last episode was to - Diane! But Diane fears that Sam is meerely on the rebound after breaking up with Janet, so asks him to repeat the proposal in a more romantic occasion, but when he does (on a boat), she refuses, causing Sam to make her walk the plank. Later Diane says she does want to get married, but Sam has now retracted the proposal."
"Diane follows Sam to Cape Cod in an effort to ruin his weekend with another woman."
"Cliff's ecstatic when his mother decides to marry a wealthy man until the groom decides to give it all away to charity."
"Diane tries to help Lilith, the lady psychologist attracted to Frasier, to soften her appearance and surprise Frasier during their television debate."
"Cliff finds a reasonably priced older home for Carla to buy that turns out to be haunted."
"The gang insists on getting in on Norm's new business investment then complains bitterly when it looks like a washout."
"Stung by Diane's attitude, Sam tries to impress her by getting reservations at the most exclusive restaurant in Boston."
"Cliff prods a reluctant Norm to join his lodge and Sam thinks Diane has invented a suitor to make him jealous."
"The gang gathers at Carla's house for a Thanksgiving dinner of frozen turkey and overdone peas."
"Diane becomes obsessed with tracking down a poem she's sure Sam plagiarized and had published in a literary magazine that has repeatedly turned her work down."
"Woody delves into Sam's legendary black book to find a date to impress his former girl friend, who is coming to Cheers to introduce her fianc\u00c3\u00a9."
"Frasier's effort to lighten a dance instructor's harsh criticism of Diane's efforts backfires when she decides to audition for the Boston Ballet."
"Sam proposes to Diane again and ends up charged with assault and battery when she turns him down again."
"Sam regrets trying to buy Diane an engagement ring that is a cheap imitation."
"Nick vows to take Diane away from Sam when Sam defends Loretta's efforts to ditch Nick and start her own singing career."
"Carla falls for Eddie, a hockey goalie; meanwhile, Diane is foreman of a jury in an attempted murder trial."
"Eddie's career was red-hot until he started dating Carla. The defendant in Diane's murder case comes to the bar."
"Diane gives Sam 24 hours for a final fling before their wedding."
"Cliff is thinking lawsuit after a dog bites him while delivering the mail, until he meets the dog's beautiful and cooperative owner."
"Frasier and Lilith invite Sam and Diane over for dinner to celebrate their first week of cohabitation. But things start going wrong when Lilith finds out Frasier and Diane were engaged, and she locks herself in the bathroom. Then Sam and Diane have an argument as well. Meanwhile Cliff agrees to babysit Carla's kids."
"Diane badgers a noted British marriage counselor into seeing her and Sam for a pre-nuptial session, then refuses to heed his advice."
"Sam's goddaughter Joyce Pantusso (the late Coach's niece) has come to Boston for a visit. Not wanting her to get into trouble, Sam asks Woody to help her out and show her around - but Woody and Joyce have a surprise for Sam when they get engaged!"
"Norm elaborates on his new position with a top CPA firm and is caught in his little white lies when the gang decides to surprise him at work. Meanwhile Cliff finds a $20 note - and Woody has lost one."
"The gang tries to reassure a nervous Mr. and Mrs. Boyd back in Indiana that Woody is fine and has wonderful friends in Boston by making a home movie of an average day at Cheers."
"Diane is haunted by the memories of the couple who lived a long and happy life together in the home she and Sam have purchased."
"Dr. Sumner Sloane returns to Cheers on Diane and Sam's wedding day to tell her that a publisher is interested in one of her class manuscripts if she can go to work immediately on rewrites."
Season 6 - Cheers
"Sam returns to Cheers six months after he sold it to a large corporation to pursue a life of leisure on board a new boat. Now the boat has sunk and he's looking for a job."
"Sam tries to dodge his bar duties so he can fill in for a friend as a sports broadcaster."
"Carla and Eddie plan to get married if they can get past superstition, Eddie's mother, Carla's children, and Rebecca's nerves as she waits for her boss to show up at the bar."
"Carla and Eddie plan to get married if they can get past superstition, Eddie's mother, Carla's children, and Rebecca's nerves as she waits for her boss to show up at the bar."
"The gang tries to convince Frasier that Rebecca desires him after he quarrels with Lilith and Rebecca replaces Sam's picture with one of Robert Urich."
"Norm gets to know Rebecca better when he paints her office as a way of paying off his bar tab."
"Cliff is opposed to selling out the family home so a convenience store can be built there, but his mother is all for the idea. Meanwhile, the gang tries to find out about Rebecca's college knickname- \"\"Backseat Becky\"\"."
"Sam and Woody are up for bids at a charity auction but less than thrilled at their new \"\"owners.\"\""
"Woody meets an elderly woman while wearing his makeup for the role of Mark Twain, and begins dating her."
"Rebecca asks an eager Sam to escort her to a company function to correct a false impression held by her boss."
"Cliff helps his girl friend improve her appearance then regrets it when all sorts start to hit on her, including Sam."
"Christmas Eve is depressing at Cheers as Sam rushes to find Rebecca a gift, Rebecca makes everyone work late, and Norm's Santa Claus buddies gather to celebrate the end of the season."
"Woody tries to convince his friends that he got a small part on Spenser: For Hire and Cliff and Norm quarrel about a practical joke involving a chimpanzee."
"Woody takes responsibility for a vase broken by Rebecca at a company party, and winds up pals with the big boss."
"Annie Tortelli fills in for Carla at Cheers and Mr. Drake makes Rebecca turn green by personally hiring a pretty young woman to work at Cheers."
"Rebecca thinks she's finally got a shot at Evan Drake when he invites her and Sam for a weekend aboard his yacht."
"Frasier's bachelor party turns out depressing and bleak while Lilith's shower threatens to burst into flames."
"Rebecca moons over Evan Drake's bedroom as Norm repaints it, but she's caught when the man returns unexpectedly."
"Carla tries to conquer her fear of flying with Frasier's help and Rebecca waits tensely for a visit from a restaurant critic."
"Rebecca is hurt and jealous when Sam's promoted to corporate headquarters until she finds out why he was moved up."
"Rebecca decides to take Woody's suggestion of raffling off a Caribbean vacation to get the bar out of a slump."
"Lilith and Rebecca throw a teenage slumber party to cheer up Carla after she learns she's soon going to be a grandmother."
"The gang at Cheers declares war when rival bar, Gary's Old Town Tavern, steals the trophy celebrating their one and only sporting victory in a bowling tournament."
"Sam and Woody wager over who can be the first to plant a three-second kiss on Rebecca."
"A desperate Rebecca goes to extraordinary lengths for a moment alone with Evan Drake as he prepares to move to Japan."
Season 7 - Cheers
"Rebecca's life suffers a further disruption when Evan Drake's replacement makes Sam the new manager of Cheers."
"Sam makes a rash promise to God that he'll remain celibate if only someone else is the father of an old girl friend's baby."
"Rebecca puts Sam off by telling him that from now on she'll only date men who can advance her career, and then she meets her younger-than-springtime new boss."
"Sam goes to Mexico to open a new bar for the company, robbing Rebecca of her \"\"fiance\"\" and her only defense against the marriage proposal of her baby boss."
"Carla throws a jealous fit when she suspects that Eddie is fooling around with someone from the ice show."
"Norm tries to hide the fact that he's become an interior decorator."
"Cliff drastically alters his personality after no one from the bar comes to visit him during his hospital stay with appendicitis."
"The gang decides to take up sky diving as a diversion."
"Sam finds himself attracted to both an old girlfriend and her grown daughter while Woody volunteers to be the clown at the boss' kid's birthday party Rebecca is planning."
"Cheers' gets another chance of losing a contest to their cross-town rivals at Gary's Old Towne Tap; this time the contest is for \"\"Boston's Best Bloody Mary.\"\""
"Rebecca offers to housesit for one of the company executives and calls on Sam and Woody for help when the man's beloved dog runs away."
"Cliff's loyalties are tested when his new ladylove, a fellow postal employee, commits a rule infraction on his behalf."
"Woody decides to steal Kelly, a rich snob's girl, away when the man humiliates him."
"Lilith and Frasier practice their parenting skills on Carla's precocious six-year-old son."
"Rebecca tries to impress corporate headquarters by using her marketing skills to promote Norm's one man painting business and Sam tries to keep up with a sweet young thing wild about all kinds of sports."
"Lilith persuades Frasier to give up everything urban and move with her to a cabin in the wilds."
"Sam introduces everyone to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, an old fan, but Rebecca later believes the old man stole her diamond earrings."
"Sam actually fakes a case of impotence to get close to a therapist Lilith and Frasier introduced to him."
"Woody's rich girl friend doesn't fully appreciate his inexpensive but heartfelt birthday gift and Rebecca transforms herself to further her career prospects."
"Woody gets gambling fever and tension mounts as Carla waits for Eddie to surprise her on their second anniversary."
"Sam tries to reconcile Rebecca and her sister."
"Rebecca accuses a respected authority on marital fidelity of making a pass at her."
Season 8 - Cheers
"Just as Rebecca fears for her sanity because of the erotic dreams she's been having about Sam, multi-millionaire Robin Colcord sweeps her off her feet."
"Just as Rebecca fears for her sanity because of the erotic dreams she's been having about Sam, she's swept off her feet by multi-millionaire Robin Colcord."
"Rebecca prepares herself to spend her first night with Robin Colcord while Sam takes the first step towards owning the bar again."
"The young woman Cliff turned in for stealing a Post Office vehicle returns from Canada with an offer that literally blinds Cliff."
"Norm invents a strict curmudgeon of a partner to boss around his easygoing paint crew while Sam goes crazy with concern after selling his precious 'Vette."
"Lilith spoils Rebecca's elaborately planned celebration of Cheers' 100th anniversary by going into labor."
"Carla learns that Eddie led a secret life when a second widow shows up at his funeral."
"Frasier and the guys cringe over plans to attend his son's circumcision while Rebecca struggles to throw an interesting retirement party for a very dull corporate employee."
"Woody has trouble with the love scenes for his first starring role and the guys have a beard-growing competition."
"Rebecca and Sam are trapped overnight in Robin Colcord's deluxe security apartment while the gang passes the time playing Monopoly."
"Norm fires his secretary, who sees it as proof that he's wildly attracted to her and Rebecca becomes obsessed with a surprise hidden in the desk Robin, gave her."
"Robin lends Sam and the gang his yacht race in a regatta, but the motley crew discovers a bomb in the refrigerator, right next to the beer."
"Carla faces an audit while Rebecca's mentor, her business school professor, makes an investment in Sam."
"Jeopardy makes an appearance in Boston, and Cliff gets on the show. The Jeopardy! round had all 6 categories Cliff specializes in, such as celebrities or the US Postal Service. But when Final Jeopardy approaches, he loses all his money putting a stupid response \"\"Who are three people that have never visited my kitchen?\"\" and becomes depressed afterwards. Meanwhile someone has stolen Sam's little black book and started ringing all the girls in it."
"Tonight might be the night that Rebecca and Robin finally get together, despite Sam's presence."
"The aftermath of their get together isn't all she hoped it would be, when Rebecca finds Robin with another woman."
"A mechanical bull gets the better of Cliff while Woody tries to deal with the romantic advances of his girl friend's mother."
"Lilith goes on a talk show to promote her new book about men who are bad for women and takes along her prime example-Sam."
"Rebecca dreams of a perfectly romantic day with Robin. Robin on the other hand has dared Sam to a series of adolescent challenges."
"Carla and Eddie's other widow Gloria become best buddies but the friendship is threatened when Carla learns the two-timer left $50,000 in insurance and Woody worries about a nude scene when he's cast in a revival of Hair."
"Despite the truce negotiated by Rebecca, the gang decides to warm up the cold war against Gary's Olde Towne Tavern when they notice the statue of Tecumseh the Indian is missing."
"Woody moons over the fact that Kelly is going to Europe to attend school and Norm suffers through being the designated driver for the evening."
"Carla feels compelled to call in an exorcist when Eddie's ghost appears in the bar and Rebecca complains to a TV station about a defective hair removal system."
"Sam makes Rebecca jealous in many strange ways by telling her that he scored with Robin's other girl friend, and Woody is flabbergasted when a girl answers his ad for a roommate."
"Rebecca and Sam both have mixed emotions as they face the fact that Robin Colcord, after proposing to Rebecca, is arrested for insider trading based on information supplied by the once and future owner of Cheers."
"Rebecca and Sam both have mixed emotions as they face the fact that Robin Colcord, after proposing to Rebecca, is arrested for insider trading based on information supplied by the once and future owner of Cheers."
Season 9 - Cheers
"In the afterglow of their intimate encounter, Rebecca becomes determined to deny that it ever happened, to the gang at the bar, to Robin and to herself."
"Sam tries to beat Gary at his own game in a grudge basketball game by recruiting Boston Celtics' star Kevin McHale as a substitute bartender at Cheers."
"Sam hires a new bar manager that everyone seems to like, then learns how low Rebecca has sunk in her pursuit of new employment."
"Rebecca is secretly very upset when one of Robin's previous lovers goes public claiming to be his current affair."
"Cliff gets very hurt and upset when his mother decides that Woody is the son she never had, and Norm gets caught in a window."
"Norm nearly has a cow when he hears that the Hungry Heifer is closing down, and mounts an all-out campaign to keep it going, while Rebecca frets over seeing Robin as he works in the street nearby as part of a road gang."
"Lilith and Frasier try to cope with the fact that their son needs more care from them while Rebecca and Carla try to figure out how Rebecca can pay Robin a conjugal visit in jail."
"Moderator John McLaughlin leads the whole cast, including former member Shelley Long, in a discussion of the show, featuring many clips from previous shows."
"Moderator John McLaughlin leads the whole cast, including former member Shelley Long, in a discussion of the show, featuring many clips from previous shows."
"Sam initiates a feud with the new owner of Melville's, the restaurant upstairs when snobbish restaurateur John Hill buys the building."
"Woody gets a big break when he's cast in a commercial for a new vegetable drink but Cliff just feels broken when the new trivia napkins upstage him."
"Woody gets hooked on a home television-shopping channel while Norm and Cliff start a fight between Sam and Frasier."
"Sam decides to settle his feud with John Hill by dating the man's daughter and Carla fears that the foosball table is possessed."
"Carla's formidable mother demands on her deathbed that Carla name one of her children \"Benito Mussolini.\""
"Sam decides to settle his feud with John Hill by dating the man's daughter and Carla fears that the foosball table is possessed."
"Rebecca parties hearty to hide her second thoughts after Robin finally pops the question and Frasier develops a passion for the new sing-along machine."
"Rebecca awakens on her wedding morning raring to go, and seems determined to ignore Sam's attempts to remind her of her doubts, and Righteous Brother Bobby Hatfield upstages Frasier."
"Rebecca has trouble accepting the fact that she cancelled her wedding with Robin and Frasier translates Dickens' classic prose into Boston vernacular."
"On Valentine's Day, Sam winds up laid out due to back trouble on the 20th anniversary of his annual tryst with Lauren."
"Rebecca decides on a new goal in life and begins by flattering John Hill in an effort to get his lease for the bar."
"Norm develops a rich paranoia and decides to look for another bar when wife Vera gets a job upstairs at Melville's, and Lilith helps the gang celebrate Frasier's birthday."
"Rebecca wants to serve Woody's chili in the poolroom despite Sam's heartfelt objections."
"Carla faces the hardest task of her life when she tries to be nice to Cliff after learning he's one of the judges for the Miss Boston Barmaid competition."
"Sam's old baseball rival shows up to goad Sam into a final round on the mound, but Sam isn't too sure he wants to go."
"Lilith grieves over the death of her favorite lab rat while bar support Paul proves an unlikely target for a sexy seduction."
Season 10 - Cheers
"Sam and Rebecca each separately turn to the Drs. Crane for help in conceiving a baby."
"Frasier takes the guys on a trip to rediscover the \"\"inner man\"\" while the gals discover Carla's cousin Frankie when he fills in at the bar."
"Carla is reluctant to accept the crystal ball passed to her by the retiring psychic, Madame Lazora."
"Norm becomes a permanent house guest when he injures his back while painting at the Cranes'."
"Cliff's girlfriend and mother take an instant liking to each other while Rebecca tries to entice Sam into some frozen fertility underwear."
"Sam and Rebecca begin to doubt their resolve to be parents after caring Carla's wild bunch and Cliff lobbies for the job of directing Woody's video project for the folks back home."
"Sam may have played his last prank when it appears that his Halloween trick may have killed his old nemesis Gary."
"The gang feels responsible when the Celtics' Kevin McHale goes into a slump after becoming obsessed with the number of bolts in the floor of Boston Garden."
"Sam gets upset when Carla gets sidetracked from revenge to romance with perennial nemesis John Hill."
"Woody wants to propose to Kelly, but Henr\u00c3\u00ad and his expiring visa take precedence."
"Frasier has to face making out a will while Sam braces himself for bad news from Rebecca's fertility doctor."
"Sam and Rebecca let their imaginations run free during a weekend of baby-making and dream up different versions of their future progeny."
"Cliff and Norm help Frasier's low-esteem self-help group really help themselves and Woody trims Sam's hair."
"Woody's extracurricular work as a gravedigger may pay for Kelly's engagement ring, but it also jeopardizes his first meeting with her grandmother."
"Sam finds a way to get even with John Hill. One of Carla's sons decides to become a priest."
"A Boston performance by children's singer Nanny Gee for Frederick's birthday sheds light on Frasier's past as Lilith and the barflies discover Nanny is Frasier's first wife! Frasier had forgotten to mention this fact to Lilith and when Nanny arrives at Cheers she and Lilith soon get into a catfight!"
"Woody's cousin develops a crush on Rebecca and Cliff is very unhappy with the new postal uniforms."
"Rebecca insists she can handle the bar while the rest of the gang plays poker, then learns that she's allowed their liquor license to lapse."
"The gang tries to bring Woody back to earth after a vacation in London with Kelly and her money."
"Frasier wants Lilith to confront her overbearing mother and Rebecca wants Sam to make Norm pay his bar tab."
"Sam ponders a baseball comeback, but when he goes to play a few games he discovers most of the players are much younger and immature than he is. They're acting just like he used to, and Sam doesn't think he enjoys acting like that anymore. Meanwhile, back in Boston, Frasier loses Lilith's favourite lab rat and tries to get an identical one before she returns."
"Rebecca looks forward to seeing her high school sweetheart, unaware of the changes in his life, and Sam starts a support group for owners of stolen Corvettes."
"The new owner of Gary's Olde Towne Tavern lack a sense of humor and respond badly to Cheers' latest prank."
"Norm tells Cliff a little white lie about Carson using Cliff's material on The Tonight Show, then regrets it when Cliff comes up with two tickets to Burbank. Meanwhile Sam and Woody install a satellite dish at Cheers."
"Woody and Kelly's wedding faces some funny obstacles, before and during the ceremony, including Sam's flirtation with a German guest who turns out to be married, the priest dying and Kelly's Uncle Roger having to perform the ceremony - but only if he is drunk, Rebecca having to ice the cake after insulting the kitchen staff, and Lilith having to sing to the guests in order to stop them, and Woody and Kelly, from finding out the disasters going on behind the scenes."
Season 11 - Cheers
"Rebecca's smoking gets her into big trouble when she accidentally starts a fire in the bar, and blames it on faulty wiring."
"Carla is forced to clean up her act and behave nicely when she's forced to find another job while Cheers is being rebuilt. Woody's faith in Kelly is shaken when he learns they have religious differences."
"Norm's new job seems like a dream come true when he becomes a beer taster at a brewery. Rebecca finds she can't tear herself away from the bar's new slot machine."
"Henr\u00c3\u00ad challenges Sam to a contest to see who's the bigger ladies' man. Rebecca resorts to desperate measures in her quest to quit smoking."
"Maggie returns to Cheers and Cliffie, this time claiming she's carrying his baby. Rebecca hires a hack songwriter to create a jingle for the bar."
"Rebecca spots Lilith with another man, and doesn't know whether to tell Frasier. Later, Lilith confesses to Frasier that she cheated on him - once. Frasier is devastated, and after he and Lilith talk about it, Frasier asks Lilith to tell her lover the affair is over. Lilith goes to see him - and then comes back saying she wants to leave Frasier. Meanwhile Sam hires a bouncer named Tiny, but can't bring himself to fire Tiny when nobody wants to go near him."
"Lilith informs Frasier that she wants to spend a year away from him, sealed in a biosphere with her lover. Frasier reacts to this like any trained psychiatrist - he steps onto the ledge of Melville's and threatens to jump if Lilith leaves him. Lilith and Sam manage to talk him down, but Lilith insists their marriage is over. Once Lilith has gone, Frasier's friends rally round in support of him."
"Kelly's father is convinced that Woody has blackmail on his mind when Woody sees Mr. Gaines cheating on his wife. Rebecca plans to hold a Thanksgiving dinner at the bar."
"Carla tries to hide her feelings when John Hill has a heart attack. Cliff believes that Hitler has moved into his building."
"Rebecca's father attempts to make her return with him to San Diego while Woody tries to exert his will over Kelly, to make her move her things to his apartment."
"Sam gets cold feet about selling his beloved car, and goes so far as to romance the buyer's widow to get it back. Rebecca befriends a pig destined to be Woody's Christmas dinner."
"Frasier decides to start dating other women now that Lilith has left him and Frederick, and makes a date with his secretary, Shauna. He arrives at Shauna's house only to discover that Shauna is just using him to annoy her parents as they are not letting her see her boyfriend - who then turns up unannounced. Meanwhile, Cheers is hosting a family reunion, and Cliff and Norm are videotaping it, but then discover the camera was never switched on and have to try and recreate the video without anyone realising."
"Norm can avoid an audit, if he'll just sleep with his investigating IRS agent. Sam is very reluctant to let the gang watch a videotape of one of his old games."
"Robin turns up with bad news and good news. The bad news is he's broke, flat, busted. The good news is he's remembered that a money belt stuffed with cash is hidden in the bar somewhere."
"Carla's daughter insists on having her father walk her down the aisle, despite Carla's objections."
"Frasier is upset when he hears that Lilith now officially want s a divorce. The staff at Cheers decide to hold a \"\"happy divorce\"\" party to cheer him up, and at the party, whilst Woody drinks too much and becomes a mean drunk, Frasier gets drunk. Afterwards Rebecca drives him home, but they end up in bed together. However, first the gang pop around to check Frasier is OK - and to watch \"\"The 3 Stooges\"\" - but just when they leave, who should show up but Lilith, who has escaped from the eco-pod..."
"After returning to Boston only to discover Frasier in bed with Rebecca, Lilith comes to Cheers to seek Sam's advice. Frasier comes after her, and Rebecca shows up as well to explain. Frasier says he can't take Lilith back after what she did - just as her lover, Dr Pascal, shows up and takes the gang as hostages unless Lilith returns to him. When Paul and John Allen Hill show up and also get taken as hostages, Lilith has to persuade Pascal to let them all go, and that she doesn't want to go back. Plus will she reconcille with Frasier?"
"Sam puts the bar's former owner in charge while he and the guys go to a drive-in theater."
"Sam enlists Harry the Hat to help win the latest war of practical jokes between Cheers and Gary's Old Towne Tavern."
"Sam locks his keys in the bar, meaning he can't go home. He goes to Carla's to get her keys to the bar, but Woody has them. Carla offers Sam her couch for the night, but John Allen Hill is there so Sam heads off. He visits the houses of Cliff, Norm and Frasier before finally ending up in Rebecca's house."
"Frasier decides to conduct an experiment in voter psychology by getting Woody on the ballot for city council."
"A night of drinking leads to some surprises and revelations when Carla tells Sam that she drunkenly slept with one of the regulars that night - but can't remember who! Could it be Norm, or Cliff, or Frasier, or what about the most unlikely person in the bar she could have slept with - Paul.....?"
"After Woody, Kelly and her father Lloyd arrive at Cheers talking about classical music (they'd been to a symphony), Rebecca joins in the conversation and impresses Lloyd. He invites her to a society function. Rebecca thinks it is a date and is thrilled to bits - but is in for a shock when she arrives. Meanwhile Esther Clavin has been put in a retirement home by Cliff, but whilst Cliff feels guilty, the others think he has murdered his mother."
"After Woody, Kelly and her father Lloyd arrive at Cheers talking about classical music (they'd been to a symphony), Rebecca joins in the conversation and impresses Lloyd. He invites her to a society function. Rebecca thinks it is a date and is thrilled to bits - but is in for a shock when she arrives. Meanwhile Esther Clavin has been put in a retirement home by Cliff, but whilst Cliff feels guilty, the others think he has murdered his mother."
"Rebecca finds herself really attracted to a handsome plumber. Sam joins a help group for sexual compulsives."
"Whilst watching the National Cable Ace Awards, the gang sees ex-waitress Diane Chambers winning the award for best writing in a mini-series. This leads to Sam calling Diane to congratulate her, and to find out that she is married and has children. Sam tells her Diane that he too has a wife and kids, and invites Diane and her husband to visit them.\n\nSam strongly believes Diane is lying and becomes really shocked when she walks into Cheers the following day to meet Mrs Malone. Meanwhile Rebecca's boyfriend Don proposes to her and she accidently says no, ends up heartbroken and agrees to play Sam's wife to fool Diane.\n\nSam and Rebecca have dinner with Diane and her husband, Reed Manchester. During the dinner Don arrives and proposes to her again, and this time she manages to say yes! They leave the dinner, and Sam thinks he must look like a fool. Then Diane's husband turns out to be a fake when *his* husband Kevin appears! Now alone, Sam and Diane reminisce about the good old times, and end"