Street Justice: The Bronx

Ralph Friedman is the most decorated detective in NYPD history, with over 2,000 arrests to his name. This September, the legendary NYPD detective will take viewers inside the white-knuckle ...





Season 1 - Street Justice: The Bronx
"Friedman and partner Kal Ungar respond to a burglary in progress and suddenly find themselves caught in a hail of gunfire; Friedman takes down the shooter, but not before his partner takes seven bullets to the chest."
"Detective Ralph Friedman is on the hunt for a ruthless serial rapist who's been preying on the women of Williamsbridge for weeks. But the case is stuck in neutral until he enlists the help of the monster's latest victim."
"When an illegal weapons sting on a tenement rooftop devolves into a deadly shootout, Friedman barely escapes with his life. He attempts to put the ugly affair behind him, but soon learns he's been marked for death by the unlikeliest of villains."
"Detective Ralph Friedman is engaged in a tense race against the clock to save the life of a young mother who was abducted by a sworn member of the most feared street gang in the south Bronx."